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1611 N Molter Rd Ste. 102, Liberty Lake, WA 99019

Phone: (509) 922-8755

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    • Monday-Friday: 7am to 3:00pm


    Our craftsmen manufacture the highest quality end items made of any industrial material from customer design to product delivery

    • CNC Machining

      Our advanced machine tools provide complex cutting of virtually any material with superior accuracy

    • CNC Punching & Forming

      We leverage a fully equipped fabrication shop capable of precision brake forming, punching, and rolling

    • Laser Cutting

      Our CNC laser cutting machines provide ultra-high precision and accuracy to manufacture top quality parts

    • Waterjet Cutting

      Our Flow Dynamic waterjets apply state-of-the-art technology to precisely cut parts to your exact specification

    • Welding & Fabrication

      We use MIG & TIG welding for accurate and efficient production of light gauge sheet metal shapes for commercial and industrial uses

    • Powder Coat

      Our powder coating professionals provide a high-quality finish for a more polished and durable product

    • Metal Finishing

      We offer metal graining to remove burrs and sharp edges, creating a uniform finish for parts up to 36” wide. We also provide grinding, tumbling, and sand blasting

    • Hardware & Assembly

      We install pems, studs, latches, doors, and hinges to provide a custom turnkey assembly

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